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in response to cypress' plan for a deposit tax. now it seems like we're shrugging off those headlines. now, shares of hewlett-packard and verizon are helping the dow recover some grounds after upgrades from morgan stanley. verizon actually hitting more than an 11.5-year high today. there's the stock, up 87 cents, 48.89, as you can see on your screen. we're not getting any help from financials today. it's the worst performing sector following suit with some of these european banking counterparts. check out some of these euro financial names that are actually trading here in this country. they're getting knocked down. royal bank of scotland, create suisse, deutsche bank, ubs, war clays, all -- barclays, all of these stocks substantially lower in this country. s&p 500, we are still within striking distance of the record high despite moving lower today, the s&p down more than almost five points as you can see on your screen. is it going to happen this week? are we going to get that big number? we're looking for 1565.15. so close. as always. let's get right to our floor show. we've got traders
. after cypress rejects the tax on bank deposits, at its high, get this, the dow up more than 62 points today before making a 132-point swing to the downside. there's the dow. right now, down 24 points, a lot can happen in the last hour. a lot has happened during this session today. taking a look at the s&p. the s&p is moving further away from that record closing high, trying to get there, can't get there. the dow and s&p at this point on track of the first three day losing streak of 20 # 13 of the year. 1544 and 1565.15. we want to see on the s&p. two companies weigh on the s&p today. e lek tropic arts whose ceo stepped down after lowering guidance for the upcoming quarter, and cliff natural resources after goldman's lower iron ore outlook hurts, both big performers in 2012, both stocks down substantially right now. we got data today, more data, on housing, and the housing recovery is moving forward as construction picks up. the good news coming out today, helping to lift markets, at least earlier op in the day, so a lot of information to digest during this trading day. look at the bui
requirements on potential borrowers. we are concerned a variety of factors like concerns about the tax the banks may have, uncertainties about regulations which we are working on to get done as quickly as possible may have tightened the mortgage credit box more than would be desirable in the long run help the eeonomy. that has effect on my trade policy, one of the more powerful tools we have is in a state of home buying and related indust industry, so that is an issue we take into account. i would say one thing, as the housing industry has strengthened, home prices have gone up, that has brought some people into the credit box in the sense the number of people who are underwater in their mortgages is declining as house prices go up. so if people have bigger down payment, bigger equity in their homes, they become more creditworthy. i don't want to overstate it, but monetary policy by strengthening the housing market, helping support house prices is bringing more people into the mortgage market. >> peter barnes of fox business, sir. the stock market has been hitting all-time highs, it ha
their cards at the westin unit locations and also allow them -- i give you an example. jesus to give the tax refunds -- choose us to give that tax returns and let the cardholder's then can use cash. >> reporter: one of the things you take advantage of is that trust factor. people still distressed credit card and mobile technology, and you're able to leverage that. >> a system which the people can go online shopping endo use their cards and go to western union location, pay cash to get their goods. >> reporter: you just came in from the sea and air headed to munich and then going to is ten boat. in every place around the globe. overall picture? >> our perception of overall, it's getting better, would not say that that is a big turnaround. it is still challenging. this service industry is getting better. the construction industry is getting a little bit better. the u.s. is a very good position. europe is still of the challenging position, democratic issues. it's challenging in europe and russia and japan, but i would say that is better -- i'm cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: we like that. e
in terms of higher tax burdens in the future. those concerns come out of the proper management and current conditions seems to me to be a larger concern for the long run and the concern that somehow unstable policy starting from where we are now will stunt the opportunities that are open. obviously starting at a different place, i would reach a different judgment, but starting with the united states for much of europe or the industrialized world is today seems to me the risks of profound stagnation are more pressing concern than the risks of a resurrection of stagnation. >> i am not a gold freak, the work unhappiness to which it is sitting in the front row strikes me as extremely relevant. this being said, again from engineering, it is very hard to see how europe is going to get out of its fiscal mess in particular. maintaining some substantial goals in the two decades and so i think we have to focus the policies which increase gold in europe. at which point we can have another meeting. >> the final word. >> suppose you had a choice between the same level of gdp in the uk as we had today b
. right now they are saying that a tax or levy would be about 100 30,000 dollars or more. protesters outside the parliament, they are angry about possibly losing her job, about not having any money. about wondering where their country is going. which is also what you also know of the european union and global in global markets. watching very closely this tiny island nation. as you noted, monday is the deadline. come up with a plan where eu says otherwise. connell: a live report from cyprus. we are going to continue our coverage and ramp it up on the fox business network. an important deadline in place. charlie gasparino is with us now. in general, smart money apparently is not filing for bankruptcy. >> there is a cyprus connection. about $20 billion is going to be hitting this. at the lehman brothers is going to be paying off its creditors. there is a lot of money going to traders that specialize in where they are putting the money. doing a lot of reporting on this, one municipal bond. west virginia tobacco bonds, these are bonds that are payment on maturity. now, again you can buy t
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6